Our Favourite Documentaries on Sustainability, Minimalism and Zero-Waste Living

Watch and learn!

It’s hard to resist a lazy day on the couch snuggled up with your favourite TV series, especially one you’ve seen multiple times (we’re all guilty)!

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely a documentary buff. But if you’re new to the documentary genre, welcome!

One of the best parts of a documentary is you don't need to leave your couch or bed to learn something new. There are dozens of documentaries on any topic you can think of and on every streaming platform.

We have compiled a list of our favourite documentaries on sustainability, minimalism and zero-waste living. They are engaging, educational and time-relevant too!

  1. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
  • Available on Netflix
  • This documentary takes viewers inside the lives of minimalists and explores how our lives can be better with less.

2. A Plastic Ocean

  • Available on Netflix
  • A film-maker and free-diver travel discover how plastic is affecting the ocean and marine life. This will open your eyes to how much plastic you consume!

3. The Clean Bin Project

  • Available on iTunes
  • Follow along a couple who has a competition to see who can produce the least amount of garbage for one year. This gives you an in-depth look into a zero-waste life and the reality of excessive waste.

4. The True Cost

  • Available here
  • Discover the fast fashion industry with an honest look at the human and environmental costs. You may never be able to look at some of your clothes the same way!

5. Forks Over Knives

  • Available on Amazon and iTunes
  • This documentary explores the possible connections between chronic diseases and animal-based foods. A few more reasons to consider a plant-based diet!

6. Tidying up with Marie Condo

  • Available on Netflix
  • This docuseries was not only a cultural phenomenon, but a big wake-up for so many people. Marie Kondo will give you the tools to de-clutter your home and only keep items that ‘spark joy’!

These documentaries offer refreshing perspectives on some of today’s most pressing issues related to environmentalism, happiness, health and wellness. Take the time to watch at least one of these, learn something new and enjoy!

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