“Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will,” said Oliver Cromwell.

Every business should endeavour to live, breathe and work by this quote. While being a ‘fair trade’ certified business is subtle, being a truly ‘ethical’ business shows its strength, character and integrity.

As the globalized economy is growing at the…

Self-care is much more than a buzzword

The struggle to achieve work-life balance has never been so difficult. Working from home has created new challenges and has blurred the separation of work and home. This is especially true for those of us working out of small spaces!

Prioritizing your self-care…

Contrary to popular belief, habits CAN change overnight!

Before adding three must-haves in my life, my days were unstructured, goals were not met, and I felt guilty about wasting time at the end of the day. This is likely due to my type-A personality.

For reference, some common traits of…

Stephanie Chong @ noodPR

Founder of noodPR. Lifestyle, business, sustainability and social impact. Inspired by the pitches that never quite “made it.”

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